Saturday, October 31, 2015

Ona: The Teenage Human Liver Eater

I didn’t grow up being read Dr. Seuss, Shel Silverstein or any Disney fairy tales. But bedtime was still exciting, fun and most of the time horrifying with my mama’s stories.

One of my favorites is about a teenager named Ona, who went to a feast and unknowingly ate human livers mixed in the dishes at the party. From then on, every night wearing her white nightgown, she roams the street barefoot only to stop knocking in random houses to ask for a glass of water.

My mama never told me if the girl just drink water and leave peacefully every time. But I imagined that when Ona had the chance, she ripped people’s tummy with her sharp nails and ate their livers while blood drips from her mouth into her white gown. She kept chewing as her red eyes glare to her victim’s wide open stomach still spilling blood, intestines and everything inside.

What I imagined is far different from my mama’s version. Every time Ona walk around the neighborhood, her dad, who is a doctor, follows her without being seen. He made sure that his princess was always safe. He begged the town folks to please let her daughter in and be kind enough to fulfill her simple request because she is very sick.

I was terrified with Ona’s story all throughout my childhood. I didn’t realize the great love behind the horrors. I didn’t see right away, the father who tirelessly followed Ona during those cold nights ‘till the day he died protecting his daughter from her sickness.

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