Saturday, October 17, 2015

Afraid to be Naked: Vulnerability in Writing

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When I'm writing a part of me becomes one with my creation. But to say that I bare it all is an exaggeration. I still keep something for myself. I don't want to expose the whole me. I'm afraid to be naked.

I am scared that when you see me - the entire me, you'll exploit my weaknesses. You'll criticize the parts of me that took me so long to love. I fear to be open because once I let you in, there will be no mystery - just pure agony from you letting go - from you running away while wishing that you shouldn't have seen what's beyond the cover. It will hurt so bad. It will destroy me. You will ruin me.

But all articles, blog posts and books that I've read about writing led me to the significance of being naked - of being vulnerable:

"To make yourself vulnerable is to show your strength."

Being naked is being true to our humanity. We are born without covers and inhibitions. Vulnerability brings us back to our humanity - reminding us that we do not have the immunity to feel both pleasure and pain.

Being vulnerable is being real. It is how writers welcome their readers to the worlds they created and how they create them. Writing becomes the sacred union between you and your readers.

Being vulnerable is to share to your readers the honesty and intensity you courageously put out there. You are handing them your heart but you should NEVER expect them NOT to crush it. You ask for honesty in the first place.

Being vulnerable is being open to other's point of view. You cannot always count for flowers and praises. You cannot make your critics not to scrape your fragile pride. It's their job to critique. On the other hand, it's the writer's responsibility to toughen up and to sharpen his/her skills - to use pain to gain and to use pleasure to create more treasure.