Saturday, May 2, 2015

Mother’s Day is Grandma’s Day

My grandmother was my favorite mother. (Don’t tell my mama about it.) As the first girl grandchild, she spoiled me to the core. I even felt like she loved me more than she loved her own children. I bet most grandkids felt the same way with their grandparents.

My *Lola Gida took care of me when I was still a baby. My mom said that grandma even breastfed me when my mother was still working night shifts as a midwife in one of the government hospitals in our city. Mama also said maybe that’s the reason why I rather drink milk in a cup than use feeding bottle or her breast even before I reach a year old.

I still remember my Sunday dresses made by my lola. I was very happy that I always had new clothes to wear for the church. My dresses were always bright with big flower patterns. I was so proud that people kept looking and smiling at me even during the mass. I was euphoric until I saw the curtains in my grandma’s living room. 

I never forget the day I woke up with a hair curlier than curly spaghetti. My grandma took the liberty of styling my hair when I was sleeping. She made sure that my hairstyle was the same with her short and curly do. My grandma looked amazing with her natural waves, but I looked like I had a big pile of dark p**p on my head.

I can go on telling you silly but sweet stories on how grandma made my childhood as colorful as it can be. But let me keep those other memories with me because they are the things that keep my grandma alive in my heart and mind.

On May 10, I’ll make sure to make the day special for my mother and if I could, I will make it better for my grandma. But how could I best what she’s having now - a perfect bliss with her Creator.

*”Lola” is the Filipino word for grandmother.