Saturday, April 11, 2015

Unbroken : How art mends my broken life

Art is innate in every person. It is a way to express your emotions. Like how you paint your nails in your free time, bake a cake when you want to or write poems when you are in love. These simple things that require creativity, I call them art.

How does art make me feel better?

In the early years of my childhood, art helped me release the loneliness I've felt because of having a broken family. Not being able to join a family day and seeing my classmates laughing with their parents made me feel miserable. But then again, the loneliness melted away. I was able to build connections to other people through my art. I made friends through art. It was friends that made my childhood fun.

How does art heal a broken heart?

When I first fell in love, I was devastated because the guy I liked very much never liked me back. Art helped me recover. The pain lasted for 6 years. Now, it’s nothing. The process of forgetting and moving forward from that broken heart was tough though. I drew and made myself busy when I didn’t want to think of him. My artworks looked pretty bitter those times.

Years after, my mother remarried but the marriage didn’t last long. I lost the chance to belong for the second time. I was wrecked. I felt like everything I wanted to hold dear was meant to escape all the time. So, I drew nonstop. I was branded weird. For a girl who was supposed to be enjoying her days shopping, gossiping, making friends, boy hunting and going places, there I was at home, drawing – healing my broken heart for the nth time.

Finally, I found my happiness. I was able to finish college using the money I earned from my artworks.

Art has been my partner and a great friend. For me, art is not only a hobby but also a career I wanted to pursue. From just pencil sketches, I made comics; I studied colored pencil drawing, watercolor painting, and animation. Now, I'm into digital art.

In art, I am enough and at the same time not enough because there are still a lot of things I want to learn.  Someone will always be better than I am, but art always brings out the best in me. Art makes me achieve what I love rather than chase those things I’m not really meant to have.

I have a broken family and had a broken heart. But, I am not broken because of my art.

About the Author

Mai Kuu is a multi-media artist. She is busy promoting the first children's picture book she illustrated, "Grandpa Bill and His 1000 Dogs" by Iris Pickler .

*All the artworks in this article are created by Mai Kuu. No portion of this blog entry including the artworks may be reproduced or copied without written consent.