Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Design of Motherhood: What does it mean to be a woman?

“The essence of being a woman is living out God’s design of womanhood.”

This quote prompted me to have a deeper reflection on the calling, design, and the role of women in our society. It made me realize that there is really more to beauty than meets the eye.

There were times that I depend on expensive make-ups and designer clothes to make me feel beautiful.  But through my contemplation and experiences, I can declare that real beauty comes from within – from what you sincerely feel about yourself. So, I choose to be remembered not through my looks but through my good deeds towards my family and through my significant contributions to my community.

I believe that a woman’s highest calling and primary responsibility in the society is to be a mother in her own sphere of influence. This role can be realized by nurturing and rearing disciplined and responsible generation. Women’s nurturing gift can only spring from motherhood.

However, I also believe that women who have no children have this inherent gift as well. Motherhood is not only about giving birth and raising children. It has the same concept and empowerment that can be very visible in noble professions like teaching and social work. This design of womanhood is what we are created for.

The quality of tomorrow’s people and tomorrow’s society is a good gauge of the success of today’s women. Our role as “mothers” can define a whole generation as we impact people’s lives. Playing our role decisively is the best gift we can give humankind and the best legacy we can leave behind.

About the Author

Maureen Lasi-Casao is a Secondary Mathematics teacher, a financial consultant, an entrepreneur, a friend, a daughter, a wife and a proud mother of two amazing kids.

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