Saturday, April 25, 2015

Inner Circle: A journey to lasting friendships

Stories of friendships weathering life’s storms and standing the test of times never cease to touch my heart. I like to think that one way God lavishes His love upon us is by surrounding us with friends.

Sadly, finding real friends is not that easy at all. Through the years, I saw many of my friends shrink to the level of acquaintances – or even worse, to strangers. I went through the pain of trusting some ‘friends’ and hearing them say not so good things about me. They judged me by the way I looked or dressed. More traumatic experiences followed.

Reluctantly, I had to let go of some of these relationships. Inevitably, my heart grew cold, wanting to be shielded from going through so much pain again.

Yet, God always knows the innermost desires of my heart. He led me to a wonderful group of people whose warmth was enough to melt away the coldness of my heart. I learned to forgive and to open my doors again for friendship. I also learned to be passionate in influencing people. I was able to trust friends again, cautiously.

I discovered that quantity doesn’t matter in friendship. It is the quality of the relationship that matters most. Thus, I chose very few friends with whom I can share my whole self without being judged.

In many ways, my friends transformed me into a confident, strong and warm person. They lifted me up. They made me become more positive in life.

I realized that I needed to go through pains to really know the true meaning and worth of friendship. Now, I am assured that I always have my ‘inner circle’ to guide me and to embrace me for who I am. I savor these sweet reminders of God’s love for me.

About the Author

Maureen Lasi-Casao is a Secondary Mathematics teacher, a financial consultant, an entrepreneur, a friend, a daughter, a wife and a proud mother of two amazing kids.

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