Monday, February 16, 2015

You are my fairytale.

How's your Valentine's day? I bet you enjoyed that day as much as you can, whether you're with your husband/wife, with your boyfriend/girlfriend, with your buddies, with your dogs/cats or just on your own.

As for me, I had a blast. My husband and I went boating even if it's freezing. He gave me my favorite Hershey's nuggets chocolate and a new Windows phone. If you remember my last post, I've lost my old cell phone two weeks ago and our friend found it in the washer after he's done with his laundry. Lol.

Anyway, since I am still a wannabe writer, I don't have much to offer to my husband but my childlike drawing above.

Every day is Valentine's day with him. I am living my fairytale :)

If you haven't found yours yet, you always have the chance to write your own fairytale. It will be fun. I promise.