Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Reflection on the "Dead Language" by Susan Brind Morrow

"A name is a mirror to catch the soul..."

Our names play a big role in who we are and what we are in the eyes of people around us.

Someone may call us "baby" which may mean how much he wants to take care of us - like how one would take care of a helpless child. It might be good for someone who wants attention, but might be demeaning for someone who wants to always look strong and independent.

Someone may call us "Ate or Kuya". A name of respect and endearment to an older sister/ older brother who always think for the welfare of her/his younger siblings.

Someone may call us silly names like "Irikya" or "Ilit". These names are not pleasant to the ears but, we may be surprised how these unpleasant things turn to be the sweetest and most precious part of our lives because of the meaning they hold.

A name will always be a reflection of who we are. But, what really gives it value is the person who whispers it in your ears like you deserve everything not only in this lifetime but in the next and whatever is beyond what is next.