Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Oedipus Rex by Claribel Alegria

in my blindness I see
a hazy horizon
go away, my daughter,
my daughter and sister
go away and follow your destiny
I do not want you here
When the Furies come
I want no one near me
I want to be alone at the hour
that is mine
at that inexorable hour
that is drawing near
and that was made for me alone

Sometimes, we need to let go not because our love became less or it suddenly disappeared. Sometimes there are things brought by fate - we can't resist - we can't run away from.

Sometimes even how hard we try - even how fierce we fight- there are things that still triumph in ruining our relationship with someone we love. We can't help but say, "It's over. I surrender."

It is not because we are tired of fighting. It is because destiny is telling us, "It's time to stop. Go on with what is really stored for you."