Monday, May 9, 2011

Uncertain Times

My Reading on the Poem “Uncertain Times” by Eric Cruz

"Uncertain Times" reminds me of the poems of my favorite poet Emily Dickinson. Like Dickinson’s poetry, Cruz's is brief but precise. It is short but it leaves a lasting impression especially the line, "while gambling/ for a happy ending."

The beauty of Cruz's poetry is enhanced by its internal rhymes and near rhymes:

I sit, motionless
staring at the cards
laid out in front of me

two dancing candle flames
keep me company
While gambling for
a happy ending.

But the poet may consider the following to tighten and sharpen his promising piece:

a. The line "while gambling/ for a happy ending"  though very appealing to the emotion and stirs the imagination for a possible story of a heartbreak or loss still conveys a very vague idea. Thus, it needs to present or to use a concrete object that will serve as the reader's basis for a clearer understanding of what he really meant by the mentioned line.

b. The use of contradictions within the poem which are shown through the words; alone = keep me company and motionless = dancing, is a brilliant technique of relating to the readers the coldness and emptiness within the woman that is further exposed by the feelings evoke by the burning and fulfilling movement of the candle flames.

It is best for the poet to use more of this technique to fill in the obvious gaps between the first stanza and the last stanza.

It really seems that the writer needs to say something more. But, he opted to put all the responsibilities of explaining what he really wants to relate to the insufficient eight lines of his poem - making them look like an unorganized pile of laundry that once you pulled a shirt, it will easily and instantly crumble and will scatter on the unpolished floor.

3/4/09 5:20 AM