Thursday, March 5, 2009

I’m not numb nor alone.

I’m not numb since I can still feel how the shattered tissues of my heart keep on being pierced:

Everytime I see you,

Everytime you talk to me,

Everytime you show me that you didn’t care about me anymore,

Everytime I smile at you and show you that I’m okay even though I’m not,

Everytime I wish you to be happy even not with me, but with someone else,

Everytime I utter the words "We’re friends, I’m here for you and Move on."

I’m not numb since even there’s no tears flowing out through my eyes, I’m totally drowned by the overflowing pain all over me.

I’m not numb since my head still keeps on aching just to convince myself:

That everything is over,

That you’re already over me and head-over heels in love with someone else,

That you already left me,

That you already changed the meaning of forever into goodbye,

That you fooled me and played with my emotions,

That I should hate you since I have all the reasons to do so.

I’m not alone since GOD has never left me. He’s been with me all throughout the happiness and despair that I had, have and having.

I’m not alone since so may unexpected persons became the true friends I badly needed.

I’m not numb since I still keep on loving you even though I should not anymore.

I’m not alone since I have the memories of you in my mind and my love for you in my heart.

Friday, August 31st, 2007